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Creative NOW provides branding consultancy services in London and Surrey, with expert agency and design support, help and advice to solve your branding challenges. We create engaging brands, evolve designer logos and craft enjoyable experiences for large and small businesses, always ensuring authenticity.

Our core brand value is to make a difference to our client’s businesses in everything we do and we live by this. We help clients reach the audiences that matter most by listening, building relationships and sparking conversations through powerful words, pictures and actions.

A brand should be an expression of what a company is about (personality and identity) and not just a set of guidelines. It should engage a meaningful relationship with the audience and ultimately recalled with positive association. If executed correctly a brand will add significant value to your business.

A well designed logo is usually at the forefront of any successful business, but it’s not just about making things look nice. 

That’s the easy part! The best brands communicate what their business stands for and what it offers through effective use of; logos, colours, typography, language, tone of voice, design, photography, messaging, values, propositions, marketing literature, website, emails, customer service, staff training, actual products, services and packaging.

Branding should highlight what makes your product or service different to and more attractive than your competitors. It’s about adding value to your business which is not always tangible. Whilst a brand is typically transmitted through corporate identity, advertising and marketing, it’s also transmitted through behaviour, staff, traits, culture and values. Clients and supplier associations and interactions play a significant role in your brand.

Your company may only get one opportunity to make a first and lasting impression, so it’s vital you make it count. Your logo and indeed brand must engage with both new and existing clients yet remain easily identifiable.

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Marketing Communications

We advise marketing communications and public relations (PR) agencies in London and Surrey. Utilising expert help, support and guidance, we listen to you and learn about your business, strategy and objectives. Working together, we tailor a package of services that delivers maximum results to suit your budget.

Our communications mantra is to help our clients reach the audiences that matter most by listening, building relationships and sparking conversations through powerful words, pictures and actions.

Marketing communications is about getting your message across to your target market in an effective way, using a variety of channels. It’s more than just words. It’s about building brand awareness, amplifying key messages and increasing revenue. It’s branding, advertising, design, print, digital, social media, events and the intangible things too.

Reputation management, building rapport with employees, customers, investors, and other internal and external stakeholders. What you do, what you say, and what others say about you must all be carefully considered and managed for positive results.

Consistency is critical to corporate communications and contradictions must be avoided. Messaging must fit with your business strategy and core brand values.

If your actions and messaging are consistent, authentic and positive, then the media and other stakeholders of your business, will form similar opinions.

A skilfully played instrument makes a beautiful sound. But an orchestra playing in unison creates powerful music with depth and impact. Resonance. We create communications with resonance. Don’t just make noise, make a difference.

Re-energise your brand with a free health check

We recognise that many businesses are struggling right now and sadly marketing is often the first thing to suffer. In the face of adversity, it’s crucial to continue with your marketing efforts and maintain visibility, which will ultimately help your long-term profitability.

Our aim is to help businesses stay focussed and healthy during these challenging times, so we’re offering a free brand health check that will assess your brand identity and positioning. Where is your brand about your business goals? Understanding how to achieve your aims will put you in the right mindset for the year ahead.

What do I get for free?

You complete the form below, and then we review your online presence and produce a PDF report. The document contains an overview of our approach to branding, along with our team’s observations and recommendations on your brand:

  • PDF report on your brand.
  • Our assessment of the competitive landscape.
  • Some ‘quick wins’ that you can implement immediately.