Why your Website Copywriter is Worth it

Why your Website Copywriter is Worth it


So, a website copywriter has quoted you £100 per page…and you’re thinking, I’m not paying that for something no-one is going to read anyway. 

News flash – people do read web copy, they just read it differently.

In 2010, ecommerce was worth £117.6bn to the UK economy, that’s 8.3% of GDP. It is predicted that 24% of all UK retail spend will be online by 2015. Has this billion pound industry developed from people looking at pretty pictures?

The average person spends £3,370 per year online, based on 2012 WorldPay figures. Do you really think they part with this much of their hard-earned cash without actually reading about the products they buy?

To say that no-one reads web content is absurd. 

Usability studies have shown that people scan pages to find the information they want quickly. Scanning is involved initially, so we don’t waste our time reading something that’s irrelevant. After all, there’s so much rubbish on the internet, we need a good filter mechanism. But when someone lands on the page they want, of course they read it.

There’ll always be casual surfers, but it’s the people willing to sit down and read that are the most valuable to you. Why? Because they’re the ones genuinely searching for – the perfect Christmas gift, a cheap winter break, or solutions to their problems.

A sales copywriter will increase your conversions

It’s difficult to generalise ROI as every website is different. If you’re current copy is atrocious: non-user friendly, rambles on, doesn’t speak to your target market, and is littered with bad grammar – you could see massive, life-changing increases of 1000%.

Some industries are heavily reliant on visuals to paint a picture, in this case a copywriter would work with the graphics to enhance the overall experience and drive the point home. While revamping your text may have less impact than in other sectors, you’ll still see significant movement.

A web copywriter will boost your search rankings

Websites that don’t target specific keywords are losing out big-time. I see it every month…attractive, well-established websites without any focus. What happens when I work my magic? They shoot up to page 1.

Of course, this doesn’t happen every time because there are so many different ranking factors. But provided you have an SEO friendly site, and have not done anything to contravene Google’s guidelines…you have a very good chance of higher SERPS. Just by simply telling the search engine what you’re site is actually about.

In real terms….

Hotel site

Say you own a hotel or B&B, earning £30 profit per room per night. 1 page of web content at £100 will almost pay for itself in a single 3 night booking. Now say your website has 500 visitors per month and you currently convert 1% of people, who book an average stay of 3 nights, earning you £450. If that rate were to rise to 3%, you’d earn £1350, that’s £900 more.

Fashion retail

An e-commerce site selling fashion items with an average net profit of £10 per sale, needs to make 10 more sales to pay for a new page. If 1000 people per month visit your website, the copywriter need achieve a mere 1% increase. After the first month you’re into pure profit. In a year, you’ve earned an extra £1100.


A local fitness or life coach who earns £60 per hour, needs to book-in 2 extra hours to more than cover £100s worth of web copy. What if the SEO copywriter optimised the website for the right keywords? And suddenly it jumped from being buried on page 10, getting 2 visitors per day, to mid page 1, getting 4? That’s a 50% increase in business, almost overnight.

Don’t forget, this is all measureable using analytics. And, these figures don’t even take into account up-selling, customer retention, brand development and long term growth.

Yes, we know you can go on PPH and buy web content for pennies.

But if you’ve paid £10 for a page of web copy, do you think that it’s viable for these writers to:

  • analyse your target market so they can speak to the right people, in the right way?
  • spend the time to create an attention-grabbing headline that compels visitors read on?
  • develop a unique style to complement your brand?

The answer is of course, no…you get what you pay for. People don’t work for free. If you want copy that makes a difference, you have to pay for it. If your copywriter is only being paid just over the minimum wage, how much time and effort do you think they’ll put into your web content?

Professionals don’t work for peanuts either. Copywriting doesn’t just require creativity and a high standard of English. It takes years to master. Some call it a science, some say it’s an art, others use the phrase ‘salesmanship in print.’ Whichever way, to be a great website copywriter requires knowledge of various disciplines – sales, buyer psychology, digital marketing, web design, SEO, conversion optimisation.

A talented writer, with this depth of knowledge will get you results. But for £10, you’ll be lucky to get 10 minutes of their time.

In summary

As demonstrated above, a successful page of web content costing £100 pays dividends. This fee is more than justifiable when you take into account the skill that it requires, and the time it takes to produce. A website copywriter is worth it. Why?

  • Web copy is crucial to the success of your business.
  • It has the potential to transform your earnings.

copywriting rates

Copywriting is notoriously difficult to put a price tag on. Rates are based on the copywriter’s individual experience so ultimately, it’s subjective.

I have 9 years of experience in SEO copywriting and have been working freelance for the past 3 years. Despite my sizeable portfolio, I can offer you more for your money. Using me as a freelancer means you are not paying agency overheads. I can also be a lot more flexible with my fees.

I offer a brilliant service at a fair price. You’ll get well-researched, professional copywriting that’s delivered on time. My rates reflect the amount of time and effort that goes into each individual piece.

It’s a creative process. The quality of the research will ultimately determine the success of your copy. Analysing your business, getting in the mindset of your target market, and developing a voice for your brand is the most time-consuming element. Based on the quality of work you’ll receive – I am extremely competitive.

Content writing fees

My preferred method of pricing is a set fee per page of content. This way, you know exactly how much your copywriting project will cost. Some jobs need a more flexible approach. For example, copy editing is often charged by the hour.

The minimum amount I charge for a page of web content is £100.

This guide gives you an idea of how much you can expect to pay. I offer generous discounts for large projects, and my regular clients enjoy lower rates. Plus, no VAT is chargeable so you’ve just saved 20%.