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Dental Marketing

In today’s society, we move fast and have access to a whole host of information at our fingertips. This is thanks to the internet, mainly Google. Google is the first stop for most of us when looking for a new product or service. So, with that in mind, Google will be the first stop when a patient is looking for cosmetic dental treatment.

You are likely you are aware that the process used to get your website on top of Google is called SEO or online marketing. SEO is a process of creative tasks online that position your website in Google. Dental SEO has a unique process that is custom-built and built from the ground up with cosmetic dentists in mind. We have had a practising cosmetic dentist work as a clinical lead, ensuring that our SEO worksfor you.

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Why Dental SEO

An SEO service that works

Our marketing strategy is not only tailor-made with the knowledge and understanding of a leading, practising cosmetic dentist. It has been documented and tested on his practice website. The same service you could buy today increased revenue by over 35k in three months. Watch video

They are tailored for you.

The same service is tailor-made for your dental practice, city and potential patients.